Founded on September 22, 1890 with H. C. Ogden’s launch of the Wheeling News, Ogden Newspapers has since grown to over 50 daily newspapers, along with a number of weeklies and a magazine division – stretching from New York to Hawaii.

Throughout that time, the company has been committed to excellence in journalism through service and leadership in their communities. Newspapering has changed over time – long gone are the days of hot lead typesetting and linotype machines – but our core values as a company have not. We believe local newspapers should not only report the news of the day, but also tell the stories of their communities, and of the people who live there. We take writing the first draft of history seriously.

How people consume news has changed, but our mission stays the same. Our newspapers have found new ways to serve their communities, creating robust online communities. These keep all of our readers, both print and digital, well informed and engaged with local happenings. Our rich heritage of newspapering combined with a company-wide commitment to high journalistic standards, position us to continue to uphold the values of excellence and service for decades to come.


We are proud of the support our newspapers are able to provide their communities and local businesses. We constantly strive to preserve the best of our newspaper’s century old traditions while adapting to the modern innovations that will help carry them into the future.

Bob Nutting